Amber applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) to consumer behavior to deliver unique insights and
recommendations to consumers, card-issuers, and merchants. Amber’s AI engine incorporates
a patented payment platform that combines all of a consumer’s cards (credit, debit, gift,
membership) into one. Amber’s core technology can take various forms – wallet-size device,
mobile phone, wearable, or other Internet of Things (IoT) device – to maximize consumer

​Challenges in consumer payments

Consumers’ wallets are thick and unwieldy – the average US consumer has over a dozen cards.

Intense competition among card-issuers has caused them to search for new ways to differentiate themselves.

High fraud has created a push for greater security.

Merchants struggle to comply with multiple payment technologies and to connect more deeply with their customers.

Amber enhances the payment ecosystem

For consumers: Amber provides a secure all-in-one IoT device and a mobile service app.  Consumers benefit from value-added services, including card usage optimization, budgeting tools, and timely relevant offers.

For card-issuers: Amber increases wallet share by delivering a branded device and data-driven insights on consumer spending habits to enable more targeted marketing. In addition, Amber reduces fraud risk with its patented account authentication process and a fingerprint scanner built directly on the device.

For merchants: Amber’s wallet-size device works with all payment technologies to ensure smooth transactions. Amber also gives merchants a new channel to deliver personalized promotions to their customers at time of purchase.

What makes Amber unique

A services-oriented business model
Amber provides relevant, value-added services to consumers, card-issuers, and merchants, building brand loyalty and market penetration. This service-centric, data-driven approach distinguishes Amber from our competitors.

An adaptable product design
Amber offers multiple payment options. Because most US consumers are still more comfortable using physical cards, we are launching a wallet-size device to maximize consumer adoption. Our smart chip technology can also fit into mobile phones and other IoT devices.

A patented, secure approach to account authentication

Amber uses a patented authentication process that involves partnering directly with banks and payment networks while incorporating an additional layer of encryption. Fingerprint recognition on the card provides even greater security.