Amber is a smart trusted advisor for everyone’s wallet. It learns from consumers’ purchasing habits and gets smarter the more you use it, empowering consumers to make better financial decisions ​effortlessly. Using its patented electronic card issuance process, Amber consolidates all the cards in a consumer’s wallet, and helps minimize bank fees and maximize rewards. Its payment technology can take various forms – mobile phone, wallet-size device, wearable, or other IoT device.

​Challenges in consumer payments

Consumers want to be more in-control of their financial lives and make smarter financial decisions.
They are confused by their choices and frustrated by the big banks that are not looking out for them.

Some firms strive to be consumer advocates (e.g., credit unions), but have a hard time competing for
customers against the big banks that typically spend over $500 to add a new customer.  These issuers
are desperate to find new ways to differentiate themselves, and high fraud losses have also led them
​to push for greater security.

​Merchants struggle to find effective channels to communicate with their customers.

Amber enhances the payment ecosystem

For consumers: Amber empowers consumers by providing a smart financial advisor in their wallets. Consumers benefit from card usage optimization, budgeting tools, timely relevant offers, and other value-added services.

For card-issuers:
Amber helps issuers deliver on their promise to put customers first. By offering Amber as a unique differentiator, issuers can increase their customer base and improve their wallet share. In addition, insights on wallet-level consumer spending habits enable more targeted marketing. Amber also reduces fraud with its patented account authentication process.

For merchants:
Amber provides a real-time touchpoint to deliver timely relevant content to consumers at the time of purchase.

What makes Amber unique

AI-driven advisor in your wallet
Amber applies machine learning to deliver relevant insights to consumers at the time of purchase. This approach drives usage, builds consumer trust, and positions Amber to become a leading financial marketplace.

Adaptable product design
Amber is an integrated payment platform that unifies card-based and mobile pay options. Our smart chip technology works with mobile phones, wearables, and other IoT devices.

Patented security
Amber uses a patented authentication process that exceeds the strict security standards of the payment networks.